Sunday, July 15, 2018

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Hello and welcome!  I am so excited to see all of you very soon! This website is how I will be communicating with all of you this year.  You will find lots of important links on the right side of the page to find everything from info on homework to helpful ways to support your child at home. I will also post updates on what we have been doing in class, any important news/info, and photos of us at work.  Check back often!

Important info/things to do:

1. Letter

I would love the chance to get to know your child more before the school year starts. Please email me a short letter letting me know about your child. This can include interests, concerns, and information about them both socially and academically. If you can, please include a picture of your child with your email. This really helps me associate their name with their face. Please email me a letter about your child by August 1st. 

2. Wednesday, July 18th – July 31st Online Express Check In:

Online Express Check In will open on Wednesday, July 18. Click here to login. You will use Online Express Check In to update your contact information, pay school fees and sign up for volunteer opportunities. Please note that some of the forms need to be printed and turned in to your teacher during Meet Your Teacher Day on Monday, August 6, or the first day of school. All students must register via Online Express Check In by July 31st. For assistance please contact one of the individuals below:

· GRE Administrative Assistant Anita Rudman: 303-387-7704
· GRE Registrar Christi Dismang: 303-387-7707

3. Monday, August 6th - Meet Your Teacher:

We believe that it is essential for students to have the opportunity to meet their teacher and visit their classroom prior to the first day of school. Families are welcome to visit our classroom on Monday, August 6, and drop off school supplies. 

** Since the first day of Kindergarten is already overwhelming for your little ones we ask that you please drop of school supplies at Meet Your Teacher instead. It helps us out greatly to have supplies already taken care of before the first day! You do not need to label your child's supplies since we do community supplies in Kindergarten. **

We want to ensure that families are able to spend time with me in a small group setting so we ask that you sign up for one of the times shown below by clicking here for our online scheduler. The online scheduler will be available July 18th through July 31st and the password is digger. The sign up is first come first serve, so please sign up as soon as possible if you have a preferred time or wish to align siblings’ times. If you ordered school supplies through the PTO they will be delivered to our classroom. Click here for a map of teachers’ classrooms.

Meet Your Teacher Times on Monday, August 6th-

4. Thursday, August 9th - First Full Day of School:

The first full day of school for students in grades K-5 is Thursday, August 9th. Students will meet their teachers on the front blacktop on the first day of school for an opening flag ceremony that begins at 8:30 AM. Our Kindergarten class will be meeting and sitting right outside our classroom door. Click here for a map of your classroom location for our opening ceremony. All teachers will also have a sign with their name on it. After the ceremony is over you will say good-bye to your child outside. They will then follow me into the classroom and start their first day! Please do not come into the classroom with your Kindergartener or wait outside the windows. We know this is an emotional day for you but saying good-bye to your child at the door will help us promote the independence he or she needs. 

Friday, August 10th - Rolling Start to the School Day Begins:
On the second day of school students will enter the building through our outside classroom door between 8:20 AM-8:30AM. A Teacher Aide will hold open our door and guide students into the classroom while I am inside welcoming students and helping them get unpacked. Our rolling start ensures a smooth start to the day. Please do not come into the classroom with your Kindergartener or wait outside the windows. We know this is an emotional day for you but saying good-bye to your child at the door will help us promote the independence they need. School will be in session from 8:30AM-3:30PM this year.

5. ​Bell Schedule

8:20 AM First Bell
Signals that students can enter the building.
Cross walk supervision begins.
Students should not arrive to school prior to this bell.

8:30 AM Start of the School Day - Your child should be unpacked and ready to learn starting at 8:30. By this time students have unpacked, checked in using the SMARTboard, submitted their lunch choice, and joined our morning meeting!

8:35 AM Tardy Bell - We submit attendance at 8:35 and then leave our classroom to walk to our first "specials" of the day. If your child is walking in at 8:35 they will not only be marked tardy but will have missed out on our morning meeting and getting all of the above tasks finished before leaving for "Specials".

6. Calendar/Times/Drop-off 

Click here for the 2018 - 2019 Conventional Calendar
Click here for information regarding the Rolling Start to the School Day
Click here for general drop off and pick up procedures.

7. Wednesday, August 15th – Back to School Night for Parents Only:
I will be providing parents with an overview of the school year on Wednesday, August 15th, during the following two Back to School Night sessions: 6:05-6:35 PM & 6:40-7:10 PM. The principal will share school celebrations and upcoming goals for the year in the gym beforehand from 5:45-6:00 PM. We hope you will join us for these informative sessions.

8. Thursday, August 28th – 1 Assessment Hour:
In an attempt to gain more targeted information regarding your child’s academic strengths and needs each child will come to school for one hour only on August 28th to complete reading and math assessments. The assessments administered allow me alter my instruction to meet your child’s individual needs and learning style.

Click here for the online conference scheduler between July 18th – July 31st to select an assessment time for your child. The password is digger. Because we value the information we obtain on these days, it is mandatory that all children complete their assessments on August 28th. Please bring your child to the front vestibule by the office. There will be teachers waiting there to escort him/her to his/her testing location. Students will conclude their assessment hour in the gym where your child will take his/her school picture. Our Before and After School Enrichment program (B.A.S.E.) will be available on August 28th. Please contact B.A.S.E. as soon as possible as spaces are limited.